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A headshot image of Shari Lang on a pink and white background

Hi! My name is Shari.

I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer. I like to describe myself as a curious creative, conceptual thinker  and master doodler. My loved ones would describe me as cheeky, creative and energetic.  I am a mom to a goofy, wild kid named Jack, a wife to a handsome bearded hunk named Brandon, and ruled by two sassy cats named Bandit & Frank.


I love coffee, cats, traveling, graphic tees, journaling, and books. I like to get crafty. My home is filled with DIY projects.
I have a ridiculous amount of coloring books for a grown woman. I organize things into piles. I love unicorns and rainbows and anything that glitters. I am inspired by nature, color, kids, and my own life experiences.


I am a passionate creative who embraces each day ready to learn and grow.

Designer Unicorn Skills

Conceptualizing // Curiously creative // Fearless leader
Nimble // Photog // Collaborating 

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